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Tanya Mittal – A Self Made Teenage Millionaire

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Establishing a handicraft business at the age of 20 a few months back with zero initial investment, which has now reached INR 3-4 lakhs a month, Tanya Mittal, Gwalior (India), has earned her name much honour.

They say, If you are young adding to which you’re a woman, ‘entrepreneurship’ shouldn’t even be considered as an option you can look forward to. The ones who go against the grain face countless troubles in their way. As a woman and an entrepreneur myself, I can comprehend the situations well in facing the perturbing attitude that society holds against such personalities.

Indeed, life is stuffed with people and situations, whose sole aim is to hinder a woman’s progress; more times than a lady can count it seems like the so called man dominant society is completely reluctant to see a maverick woman growing. So, here is the story of one incredible and successful young and beautiful girl, who achieved great success as an entrepreneur.

Tanya Mittal Early Life

Talking exclusively with BusinessAlligators Tanya Mittal spoke of her life before appearing as an entrepreneur, saying, “I’ve always been a creative person whilst having keen interests in sports as well, in my school days I was a national Volley Ball champion followed by being a woman car race winner which you can discover this. Having to be blessed, being born in a business class family, a pampered childhood was an obvious thing, till I entered my hostel life.”